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Legal Forms  

Affidavit of Marriage

Architect Contract

Animal Bill of Sale

Articles of Incorporation Worksheet

Articles of Incorporation for California

ACH Authorization Form

Activity Release of Liability

Accident Report

Asset Purchase Agreement

Application for Payment of Contract

Assignment Agreement

Affidavit of Lost Corporate Document

Anti-Discrimination Policy

Artist-Agent Agreement

Administrative Services Contract

Accounting Contract

Advertising Agency Agreement

Auto Repair Contract

Attorney Engagement Letter

Apartment Lease

Attornment Agreement

Agreement to Cancel Lease

Affidavit of Death

Affidavit of Heirship

Affidavit of Survivorship

Affidavit of Title

Affidavit of Domicile

Affidavit of Non Military Service

Affidavit of Ownership

Advance Health Care Directive - Revocation

Advance Directive

Affidavit of Eligibility

Affidavit of Name Change

Affidavit of Character

Affidavit of Service

Authorization Letter

Affidavit of Identity

Affidavit of Lost Note


Affidavit of Birth

Affidavit of Residence

Affidavit of Correction

Affidavit of Lost Document

Affidavit of Financial Support

Affidavit of Support

Affidavit of Consent

Annual Corporate Report Request

Arbitration Agreement

Acceptance of Service

Advance Health Care Directive

Agreement Extension

Action Required Demand Letter

Agreement Assignment

Activity Waiver and Release

Agreement Termination

Agreement Amendment

Asbestos Addendum to Residential Lease

Assignment of LLC Interest

Assignment Of Partnership Interest

Annual Meeting Minutes

Assignment of Trade Name

Accredited Investor Checklist

Author-Agent Agreement

Assignment of Leases and Rents

Assignment and Assumption of Lease Agreement

Community Service Form

Corporate Bylaws

Charitable Pledge Agreement

Certificate of Incorporation for Delaware

Consulting Agreement

Conflict of Interest Policy

Consignment Agreement

Clinical Trial Agreement

Collaboration Agreement

Cooperation Agreement

Co-Marketing Agreement

Course Partnership Agreement

COVID-19 Liability Waiver

COVID-19 Health Screening Form

Collection Letter

Certificate of Final Completion

Certificate of Substantial Completion

Completion Guarantee

Contract Amendment

Change Order

Contract Extension Agreement

Condominium Lease

Certificate of Incumbency

Corporate Minutes

Corporate Resolution

Corporate Proxy

Construction Contract

Corporate Records

Contest Rules

Consent to Background and Reference Check

Company Cell Phone Policy

Corporate Credit Card Policy

Commission Agreement

Construction Management Agreement

Carpentry Contract

Catering Contract

Composer Agreement

Concession Agreement

Computer Service Contract

Confidentiality Agreement

Cease and Desist Letter

Confidential Information and Invention Assignment Agreement

Copyright Request

Copyright License Agreement

Copyright Notice

Copyright Assignment

Co-Signer Agreement

Commercial Lease Agreement

Commercial Sublease

Commercial Real Estate Lease with Option to Purchase

Cohabitation Agreement

Consent to Sublease

Contract for Deed

Child Care Contract

Change of Address Letter

Co-Tenancy Agreement

Complaint to Landlord

Complaint to Neighbor

Complete Will

Complete Will for Same-Sex Couples

Certification of Living Trust

College Education Trust

Codicil to Will

Child Care Authorization

Consent for Medical Treatment of a Minor

Child Care Instructions

Child Support Review Letter

Child Visitation Letter

Confirmation of Enrollment

Credit Freeze Request

Complaint Letter to a BBB or Attorney General

Cancel a Membership or Subscription

Change of Beneficiary Letter

Complaint Letter to a Company

Confirmation of Reservations

Cell Phone Inquiry Letter

Confirmation Letter to Follow Up on a Phone Call

Complaint Letter

Credit Report Challenge

Credit Card Lost or Stolen

Credit Card Inquiry

Credit Card - Cancel Refuse Charge

Contractor Letter of Intent

Cover Letter

Certification of Trust

Change of Beneficiary Letter (Insurance Policy)


Child Travel Consent

Contract Addendum

Child Medical Consent

Compensation Agreement

Conflicts of Interest Policy

Confidential Tolling and Standstill Agreement

Corporate Banking Resolution

Company Property Acknowledgment

Copyright Cease and Desist Letter

Credit Card Authorization Form

Commercial Lease Application

Commercial Sublease Agreement

Commercial Lease Amendment

Celebrity Endorsement Agreement

Child Care Service Agreement

Cleaning Services Agreement

Consultant Agreement

Consent to Lease Assignment

Consent to Act as Director and-or Officer

Elder Care Authorization

Employment Verification Request

Education Cost Worksheet

Exclusivity Agreement

Exit Agreement

Employment Contract

Employment Offer Letter

Endorsement Agreement

Employment Application

Executive Employment Agreement

Employment Agreement Amendment

Employment Confirmation Letter

Employment Rejection Letter

Employee Handbook

Employee Manual

Employee Drug Testing Consent Form

Email Policy

Employee Complaint Form

Employee Invention Agreement

Emergency Action Plan

Employee Non-disclosure Agreement

Employment Verification Letter

Employee Evaluation Form

Employee Warning Letter

Employment Information Release

Employee Tracker

Employee Retirement Agreement

Employee Bonus Plan

Employee Retention Agreement

Equity Incentive Plan

Employment Reference Request

Employment Acceptance Letter

Editor Contract

Event Photography Contract

Electrical Service Agreement

Extra Release

End User License Agreement

Eviction Notice

Eviction Process Worksheet

Earnest Money Agreement

Estate Planning Worksheet for Married People

Estate Planning Worksheet for Single People

Estate Size Worksheet and Tax Calculator - Married

Estate Size Worksheet and Tax Calculator - Single

Estate Administration Worksheet

Employee Death Benefits Letter

Education Cost Worksheet

Equipment Lease


Employee Resignation Letter

Equipment Lease Agreement

Employee Confidentiality Agreement

Employee Exit Interview

Employee Non-Compete Agreement

Employee Severance and Release Agreement

Employee Termination Letter

Employment At Will Agreement

Email Acceptable Use Policy

Employee Privacy Policy

LGBTQ+ Power of Attorney

LLC Operating Agreement Amendment

Lottery Pool Contract

Leave of Absence Letter

LLC Operating Agreement

Limited Liability Company Worksheet

Letter of Intent for Grant for Non-Profit

Letter of Intent

Letter of Agreement

Limited Partnership Agreement

Liquidation Agreement

Loan Default Letter

Legal Document Review Request

Letter of Recommendation

Leave of Absence

Letter Declining a Promotion

Landscaping Contract

Limousine Service Contract

Lawn Service Contract

Legal Services Agreement

Limited Scope Representation Agreement

License Agreement

Location Release

Lease Renewal Agreement

Lead Disclosure Statement

Lease Agreement

Late Rent Notice

Landlord's Notice of Non-Renewal

Landlord's Notice to Enter

Late Rent Payment Agreement

Landlord's Waiver

Lease Subordination Agreement

Lease Amendment

Lease Assignment

Lease Assumption Agreement

Last Will and Testament

Living Trust

Loan Agreement

Living Trust Amendment

Living Trust Revocation

Letter of Appointment of Executor

Living Will Revocation

Life Insurance Proceeds Letter

Living Will

Letter to Request a Referral to Another Doctor

Letter to Appeal a Medical Claim Denial

Letter to File a Medical Claim

Letter to School

Letter to Request a Credit Reference

Letter to Report Mail Theft

Letter to Notify the IRS of a Fraudulent Tax Filing

Letter to Report an Identity Theft to the FBI

Letter to Report Unauthorized Use of a Social Security Number

Loan Modification Letter

Letter to Report an Identity Theft to the Secret Service

Letter to Request a Credit Report

Letter to Notify a Check Verification Company of Stolen Checks or a Fraud Alert

Letter to Notify a Bank of an Unauthorized Address Change

Letter Challenging a Credit Denial

Letter Refusing to Pay for a Charge on your Credit Card

Letter to Cancel a Credit Card because of Poor Terms

Letter to Notify a Credit Card Company of an Unauthorized Address Change

Livestock Bill of Sale

Letter to Government Official

Legal Records Request Letter

Living Trust Schedule of Assets

Liability Release

Liability Waiver

Lease Termination Notice

Leasing Letter of Intent

Late Payment Collection Letter

Loan Forbearance Agreement

Limited Power of Attorney

LLC Banking Resolution

LLC Organizational Meeting Minutes

LLC Resolution

LLC Organizational Consent in Lieu of Meeting

LLC Consent in Lieu of a Meeting

LLC Membership Admission Agreement

Medical Treatment Authorization for a Minor Form

Memorandum of Understanding

Management Services Agreement

Memorandum of Agreement

Mechanic's Lien

Medical History Form

Merger Agreement

Mechanic's Lien Waiver

Management Rights Agreement

Membership Agreement

Marketing Consulting Agreement

Mileage Reimbursement Form

Model Contract

Musician Contract

Music Publishing Agreement

Movie Production Agreement

Musical Performance Contract

Manufacturing License Agreement

Marketing Agreement

Maintenance Contract

Moving Contract

Manufacturing Contract

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

Model Release

Music License Agreement

Merchandising Agreement

Master Use License Agreement

Maintenance Report Form

Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

Move-In Letter

Move Out Inspection Checklist

Manufacturing Lease

Mortgage Agreement

Mortgage Deed

Moving Checklist

Memorial Plans

Military Power of Attorney

Mental Health Care Declaration and Power of Attorney Revocation

Medical Records Request

Medical Power of Attorney

Mental Health Power of Attorney

Mental Health Declaration and Power of Attorney

Medical Records Transfer Form

Marriage Certificate Request Letter

Marriage Separation Agreement

Medicare Appeal Denial Part B

Medicare Peer Review Letter

Medicare Appeal Denial Part A

Medicare Unnecessary Bill or Service

Mutual Release Agreement

Mutual Rescission and Release Agreement

Mediation Agreement

Motor Vehicle Accident Release

Mutual Release of Liability

Medical Records Release

Month to Month Lease Agreement

Mission Statement

Mutual Confidentiality Agreement

Meeting Minutes

Mutual Referral Agreement

Music Performance Agreement

Mold Addendum to Residential Lease

Purchase Order

Purchase Agreement

Product Distribution Agreement

Product Agreement

Payment Bond

Partnership Agreement

Partnership Dissolution Agreement

Partnership Worksheet

Profit and Loss Form

Payment Plan

Process Agreement

Private Placement Memorandum

Proof of Vaccination

Private Equity Right of First Refusal Agreement

Painting Contract

Performance Bond

Photography Contract

Personal Appearance Agreement

Plumbing Contract

Pool Service Contract

Pet Sitting Contract

Pet Care Contract

Pet Foster Care Agreement

Production Contract

Personal Training Agreement

Physician Services Agreement

Photo Release

Product Placement Release

Provisional Patent Application

Patent Application Assignment

Patent Assignment

Pet Application Form for Rental

Pre-Rental Inspection Checklist

Parking Space Lease

Property Manager Agreement

Pet Addendum

Property Sale Agreement

Power of Attorney

Pre-Rental Checklist

Personal Fact Sheet

Power of Attorney for Child

Personal Property Lease

Pour-Over Will

Parenting Plan

Pet Trust

Prenuptial Agreement

Postnuptial Agreement

Parent-Teacher Conference Form

Promissory Note with Installment Payments

Pandemic Parenting Plan

Parental Consent Form

Promissory Note Due on a Specific Date

Promissory Note

Payment Agreement

Promissory Note Due on Demand

Promissory Note with Balloon Payments

Personal Financial Statement

Purchase Agreement for Personal Property

Police Report Worksheet

Pet Custody Agreement

Partnership Letter of Intent

Personal Injury Release

Property Damage Release

Personal Property Rental Agreement

Personal Lending Promissory Note

Power of Attorney Revocation

Personal Property Bill of Sale

Partnership Agreement Amendment

Profit and Loss Statement

Photo and Video Release

Pet Addendum to Lease

Referral Fee Agreement

Retailer Agreement

Release of Liability

Repair Release

Return to Work Assistant

Retainer Agreement

Response to IRS Notice

Response to IRS Penalty

Requisition Form

Revolving Credit Agreement

Request to Use Company Facilities

Request for Proposal

Request to Extend a Proposal Deadline Date

Redemption Agreement

Request to Link to Website

Reference Letter

Recall to Work Letter

Reimbursement Form

Resignation Letter

Request for a Raise

Request Help Toward Promotion

Resignation of Director

Remodeling Contract

Resignation of Officer

Resignation of Incorporator

Reference List

Roofing Contract

Real Estate Development Agreement

Recording Agreement

Recruitment Agreement

Repair Contract

Real Estate Agent Agreement

Royalty Agreement

Release for Use of Likeness

Room Rental Agreement

Rent to Own Agreement

Rental Application

Renter's Inspection Worksheet

Restaurant Lease

Retail Space Lease

Rent Receipt

Rent Payment Plan

Rent Increase Letter

Real Estate Purchase Agreement

Real Estate Easement Agreement

Real Estate License Agreement

Roommate Agreement

Roommate Release Agreement

Revocation of Power of Attorney

Revocation of Medical Power of Attorney

Receipts and Disbursements

Refuse Organ Donation Form

Request for Information about an Insurance Denial

Request Marriage or Divorce Documents

Rent Deferral Agreement

Request to Remove Credit Freeze

Request for Copy of School Records

Request for Bank or Credit Reference

Request to Repair Item Under Warranty

Request to Remove Name from Direct Marketing List

Request to Remove Personal Information

Report Lost or Stolen Passport

Request to Stop Collection Activity

Request to Close an Unauthorized Account

Request to Cancel Unauthorized Phone Service

Request to Place a Fraud Alert on a Drivers License

Request to Cancel Unauthorized Internet Service

Request to Place a Fraud Alert on a Passport

Response to Payment Request

Request to Return or Destroy a Credit Report

Request for Monthly Bank Statements

Request to Place a Password on a Bank Account

Request to Close a Fraudulent Bank Account

Request for Monthly Statements

Request New Account Number

Request to Cancel a Fraudulent Credit Card

Request to Cancel a Credit Card

Revocable Living Trust


Revocable Living Trust Amendment

Rent Abatement Agreement

Residential Rental Application

Residential Rental Agreement

Residential Lease Agreement

Real Estate Promissory Note

Real Property Letter of Intent

Research and Development Agreement

Residential Lease Termination Agreement

Rental Inspection Checklist

Residential Lease Amendment

Salary Verification Letter

Single Member LLC Operating Agreement

Service Agreement

Sponsorship Letter

Sales Agreement

Sales Contract

Supplier Agreement

Service Level Agreement

Supply Contract

Sorry for Out of Stock Item Letter

Silent Partnership Agreement

Strategic Alliance Agreement

Sale of Business Assets Worksheet

Statement of Account

Subcontractor Agreement

Statement of Work

Subscription Agreement

Stock Certificate

Shareholder Agreement

Stock Purchase Agreement

Stock Repurchase Agreement

Shareholders Rights Agreement

Shareholder Waiver

Sweepstakes Rules

Small Business Tax Worksheet

Social Media Policy

Short-Term Disabilities Agreement

Sales Representative Contract

Staffing Agency Contract

Social Media Contract

Software Maintenance Agreement

Software Support Contract

Social Media Marketing Contract

Shipping Agreement

Software License Agreement

Sublease Agreement

Security Deposit Receipt

Storage Space Lease Agreement

Sublease by Franchisor

Security Deposit Return Letter

Security Deposit Refund Letter

Special Warranty Deed

Satisfaction of Mortgage

Special Power of Attorney

Simple Will

Social Media Will

Special Needs Trust

Small Estate Affidavit

Social Media Addendum to Will

Survivor Checklist

Stock Power

Social Security Application Worksheet

Secured Promissory Note

Statement of Claim Against Estate

Security Agreement

Social Security Benefits Letter

Subordinated Loan Agreement

Social Security Change in Information

Stop Payment on Check

Small Claims Worksheet

Settlement and Release Agreement

Stopped Payment Demand Letter

Security Deposit Withholding Notice

Shareholder Proxy Agreement

Sale of Goods Contract

Sale of Goods Letter of Intent

Share Purchase Letter of Intent

Shareholders’ Organizational Meeting Minutes

Statement of Incorporator

Statement of Organizer

Shareholder’s Appointment of Representative

Shareholder’s Consent in Lieu of a Meeting

Shareholders' Meeting Minutes

SMS Privacy Policy

Share Purchase Agreement

Share Repurchase Agreement

Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE)

Stock Transfer Ledger

Software Purchase and Assignment Agreement

Software - Website Development Agreement

Subcontractor Statement of Work